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Los Alamitos Dental CrownsKeeping your smile looking and feeling its best is important, but we're not all gifted with a perfect set of teeth. Sometimes teeth can be oddly shaped, too short, or have gaps between them. Trauma can cause damage to teeth at any age, cracking or chipping the protective enamel and leaving the tooth weakened and vulnerable. And, of course, decay can eat its way through the enamel, destroying the integrity of your tooth's vital outer shield. If you're facing any of these symptoms, you may want to consider dental crowns.

Durable, Natural Ceramic Crowns

When you have a tooth that is damaged, cracked, discolored, misshapen, or weakened by decay, there are many restoration options available, but for the best combination of strength and aesthetics, you can't beat a dental crown. Los Alamitos dentist Dr. Edward Luong, DMD, offers a range of dental crowns sure to fit every need.

Dr. Luong strives to be a metal-free dentist, instead opting for beautiful ceramic restorations for crowns. Today's ceramic crowns can be made strong enough to protect and support the underlying tooth with a very realistic appearance that mimics natural teeth. And they are made completely of biocompatible materials, so there are no concerns about metal sensitivity or adverse reactions.

E-Max Crowns for a Natural-Looking Restoration

E-Max crowns are an all-ceramic crown with an outstanding aesthetic. While these can be used anywhere in the mouth, Dr. Luong recommends E-Max crowns for your anterior (front) teeth in particular. The crown material very closely matches the translucency of tooth enamel, making them virtually indistinguishable from your natural teeth – an optimal choice for restorations on teeth that will be visible much of the time.

These crowns also allow for a more conservative preparation than traditional crowns. The crown is bonded to the tooth using cured resin. This means that the tooth does not need to be ground down as much as it does for crowns with a metal foundation, which allows us to preserve valuable tooth structure and strength.

Zirconia Crowns Provide Strength and Beauty

Zirconia crowns are another all-ceramic option we offer at our Los Alamitos dental office. Zirconia crowns are often used to replace old, worn-out gold crowns. These crowns also provide an excellent choice for patients who grind or clench their teeth, as they are made from the strongest ceramic material currently available, making them resistant to chipping and cracking. This offers more choices for bruxism sufferers, giving you a more aesthetically pleasing option than solid gold crowns. Our office does offer gold crowns upon request for those who prefer them.

Zirconia crowns are 100% biocompatible, making them a healthy choice for you and your mouth, and with custom shading, they can be made to deliver a great aesthetic, too. All of our crowns are made in an excellent lab to ensure that every restoration meets Dr. Luong's standards.

Let Us Help You Choose the Right Crown for Your Smile

If you are in need of a crown restoration or would like to find out more about the dental crown options available to you, contact our dental office in Los Alamitos today to schedule a consultation.

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