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Dental Cleanings Los Alamitos CAThere are many options available today to treat dental issues, but the most important thing you can do for your teeth is to visit your dentist regularly for a hygiene visit and examination.

While Los Alamitos dentist Dr. Edward Luong is proud to offer his patients a comprehensive range of metal-free dental treatments, the best way to keep your teeth healthy is through prevention and early detection of developing dental issues.

But I Brush Every Day! Why Do I Need a Cleaning?

Even the most conscientious home care for your teeth isn't enough to keep them healthy and strong over time. There are areas your toothbrush and floss just can't reach, especially in the back of your mouth and between the teeth, and areas that are particularly susceptible to problems, such as along the gumline.

A professional cleaning done by a trained hygienist will help keep even these hard-to-reach areas healthy and decay-free. Regular hygiene visits also help to control the occurrence of tartar, a hard yellowish plaque that can build up on your teeth over time and resists even the best brushing efforts, leaving your teeth susceptible to cavities, gum disease, and other problems. Removal of this tartar not only keeps your teeth healthier but can help freshen your breath and brighten your smile.

You should visit your dentist in Los Alamitos at least once every six months for a professional cleaning and checkup. For some patients, such as those who are particularly vulnerable to gum disease or tartar build-up, we may recommend more frequent cleanings. Regular professional cleanings can help save you time, money, and painful tooth problems down the road!

Regular Examinations Catch Problems Early

During your hygiene visit, we will dedicate a full hour to making sure your mouth is in good shape. In addition to your professional cleaning, Dr. Luong will perform a thorough dental exam. We will check your gums for early signs of gum disease or oral cancer, take updated x-rays if necessary, and inspect each tooth for signs of decay or other dental issues. If problems are found, we will work with you to create a personalized treatment plan to clear up these issues before they can progress into bigger problems.

Dr. Luong and his team believe the best dental care we can offer to every patient begins with regular cleanings and examinations. Keeping your teeth looking and feeling their best is what we're here for. These regular visits also give you an opportunity to ask questions about your oral health, including questions about products and techniques to use in your home care routine, diet adjustments you can make for healthier teeth or anything else you might be curious about.

Keep Your Teeth Healthy. Schedule Your Next Hygiene Visit!

If you are overdue for a cleaning and examination, or you have any other oral health concerns, contact our Los Alamitos dental office and schedule your next appointment as soon as possible.

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