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Today's technology is improving every aspect of how we live our lives, including dentistry. Updates to dental techniques and equipment give us more flexibility, better diagnostic tools, and allow us to offer a superior experience for our patients.

Whether it's giving you a look inside your own mouth so you can understand how your dental treatment will improve your oral health, or just allowing you to customize a musical experience during your dental visit to help you relax, we try to offer the latest technology for our patients' benefit. Here are some of the tools we use in our Los Alamitos dental office to give you a better dental experience each time you visit.

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays offer many benefits to both our patients and our dental team. They are safer than traditional x-rays, using up to 80% less radiation to capture the x-ray image. They also allow for almost instantaneous viewing of your x-rays, giving us better tools to make sure we have the best image for diagnosis and treatment decisions.

We can display your digital x-rays on a monitor and show you what's going on in your mouth. This allows you to understand your treatment better and gives you confidence and peace of mind when making decisions about your dental care. Digital x-rays are also much easier to share with other dental offices and insurance companies, making referrals to a specialist or pre-approval of procedures by your insurance plan faster and simpler for everyone involved.

SLR Camera for Intra-Oral Pictures

We believe that it's important for you to understand your dental treatment. In addition to digital x-rays, we use an SLR camera to take pictures inside of your mouth, allowing you to see what the dentist sees. These pictures can be displayed on a monitor that you and Dr. Luong can view right from the dentist's chair, allowing you to see what we see.

Intra-oral pictures give you a deeper understanding of what is going on in your mouth and allow Dr. Luong to explain your treatment options. With intra-oral pictures, you can see your teeth as we see them, giving you better tools to make decisions about your own dental care.

Electric Handpieces

We use state-of-the-art electric handpieces in our dental practice. These offer many benefits both to patients and to our dental team. First, they are quieter than the air-driven handpieces used by the majority of dentists in the U.S. The electric motors do not create that loud turbine noise that can be disconcerting for patients and can even damage our hearing over time!

The electric handpieces have LED lights to illuminate the area being worked on, which allows for better visibility in your mouth. They cause less vibration than the standard air-driven handpieces, and patients can actually feel the difference. This also means less "chatter" when cutting through various substances, such as metal crowns. Electric handpieces have more torque, reducing procedure time while increasing accuracy.

Our commitment to patient comfort includes staying up-to-date on advances in dental technology, and we are proud to include the latest in electric handpieces in our dental toolkit to give you a better in-chair experience.

Pandora Music

We offer digitally streaming music powered by Pandora Internet Radio in each of our dental chairs. With Pandora, you can select the type of music you like to hear while we perform your dental treatment. Many patients find this very relaxing, and it can help calm dental anxiety.

We want to create a positive dental experience for every patient, and we believe offering Pandora Radio during your procedure is an important part of that experience. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy your favorite music while we work!


Nobody likes getting a shot, and we know that the anesthetic injection is a large part of dental anxiety for many patients. If you are needle-phobic or just not a fan of pain, now you can relax. With the DentalVibe, we can make your oral injections pain-free.

The DentalVibe uses a variable sonic vibration to "close" the pain gate between your nerve endings and your brain. The vibration reaches your brain before the pain from the needle, effectively blocking the pain. Because your body can adapt to steady stimulus, negating the effect of the vibration, a variable speed of vibration is used to ensure that your injections are pain-free.

If you are interested in learning more about the technology we use in our Los Alamitos dental office and how it can improve your dental experience, contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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